sexual-attacks-in-tulsaA disturbing series of events have unfolded in the past sixteen days according to the article in Fox 23 News.

Tulsa Police have confirmed a sexual attack was reported this morning. This attack has been preceded by five other assaults that have happened in Tulsa County this month. Police have confirmed they believe there is one attacker responsible for the assaults.

The evidence supporting the one culprit hypothesis comes after the 6th assault was reported this morning at 3:30 AM. Officers responded to the possible rape call around midtown Tulsa and police confirmed this is the second sexual assault in the apartment complex on 45th and Peoria.

The victim was a 79 year old woman who lives alone and was sleeping when the suspect broke into her home. Police still don’t know how he got into her home.

Furthermore, possible victims such as Rhonda Naifeh, as Fox 23 reports, are in fear and doubt over the situation. Naifeh has a paper route in the morning in the area. Naifeh states “I’m not sure how to defend ourselves, for woman of my age who have to live alone, I’m not sure how to protect myself other than deadbolts and locks and chains on the door”.

Police do not have anyone in custody at the time but they are hoping  “to get surveillance video from the library and the Walmart next to 45th & Peoria, in hopes of getting a good description of the man responsible”.

This means there is still a sexual predator on the lose and women need to be on high alert. A couple of helpful tips for avoiding dangerous situations can be found on the websites below.

Bottom line: keep away from isolated areas, be aware of your surroundings, make sure your cellphone is with you and charged. Whenever possible bring a friend if you are going out. If you live alone be aware of your routine and try to alter it sometimes. Keep your doors locked, even when you are at home and close your curtains at night.

Stay Safe!

More info on facts about sexual assault or a sexual assault safety plan at each respective link.

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