It is important to keep track of all the pending legislation in the Oklahoma Congress.  There are a number of bills before the Oklahoma Legislative Branch that can severely affect your rights in family law matters.  One bill that is particularly bad for Oklahomans is a bill introduced that will remove your ability to divorce based on incompatibility grounds and remove awards for attorney’s fees when a fault based reason is proven for a divorce.  That means that if you and your spouse want, and want to do it amicably, then you won’t be allowed to unless you have proven that the other has acted badly, such as proving that your spouse cheated on you or has physically abused you.  Also, when you do want to prove that your spouse has cheated or physically abused you, your spouse won’t be liable for paying the attorneys fees you had to pay in order to get divorced from this person.

Also, there are a number of bills that will affect visitation, child support, adoptions, and same sex marriage.  Some of this proposed legislation has already been struck down by the United States Supreme Court, but our legislator is still trying to pass it. None of these bills have been passed, yet. If any of these changes occur, be sure that our family law attorney will be well informed and be able to help you. Nichelle Wardrip is a Tulsa native. She received her Juris Doctorate from the University of Tulsa College of Law and her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from the University of Tulsa. Through her academic career, she has focused her education on issues related to the family, such issues as domestic violence, mental disorders, and helping bring people together by finding a common ground. As an attorney licensed in Oklahoma and a member of the Tulsa County Bar Association, Ms. Wardrip’s primary area of practice is that of family law, which includes such actions as divorce, paternity, child support, guardianships, and adoptions. Her broad experience in the area of family law includes having practiced in Tulsa County, Wagoner County, Muskogee County, Washington County, Pawnee County, Osage County, Okmulgee County, and Creek County. Ms. Wardrip is diligent in professionally handling cases in an informative and personal manner. She is dedicated to the client’s needs and is an advocate for the client’s goals. It is important to work with the client to find the best results for each client. A strong commitment to the community has been a driving force for Ms. Wardrip as she is a frequent volunteer with organizations working to help the homeless in the Tulsa area including Tulsa’s Day Center for the Homeless and Iron Gate.