As the Internet grows and expands, so do instances of hacking and/or illegal access. Only in the digital age, would things like the “Bieber ruse” be possible and carried out. While the instances of cyber crime increase, so will the instances of aggressive or wrongful prosecutions. In response to widespread hacking, the federal government’s investigation and indictment for alleged

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Internet crimes has responded to the influx. The government takes hacking seriously, and that is reflected by the aggressiveness with which it prosecutes the crimes.

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Sometimes people with extensive computer skills, like computer programmers and/or professional hackers, make errors in judgment — often in stressful times. While there are organized hacker groups, most of the time efforts are not concerted. Even if there has not been an error in judgement, some may be wrongly accused of crimes of which they are innocent. The anonymity of the internet, or lack thereof, can easily give rise to  a situation where it is made to look as if someone committed a crime, when in fact they did not. The advent of proxying, or using someone else’s computer by proxy, can make it look as if a specific act took place from a specific ip address.

As most of these crimes cross state lines via the internet, hacking or cyber crimes are often charged at the federal triggering the federal sentencing guidelines.

Cyber crimes can include many different activities including:

Fraudulent mass marketing/product misrepresentation

eBay fraud


Illegal downloading

Malicious code

Unauthorized access/illegal access to computer systems

Packet sniffing

Saving an illegal photo to your hard drive

Distributing copyrighted electronic information

Using an old access code to retrieve your email from an old employer

Conducting illegal business activities over the Internet

Breaking into computers to fraudulently obtain information such as bank account numbers

Spreading a computer virus

As with any crime, the sooner you retain an attorney the better. You should not delay discussing your case with an experienced Tulsa computer crimes lawyer lawyer immediately. We offer free consultations, and can provide you with a quote immediately. Computer crimes can carry lasting stigma and consequences. You don’t have to face a criminal charge alone. Jeff can explain your options and together resolve the case in a manner that will lessen the damage to your criminal record and your life. A Tulsa criminal attorney from our firm can ensure that your Tulsa criminal defense is thorough.

In the time following a criminal charge, you will be faced with one of the most emotionally trying and stressful situations of your entire life. There is absolutely no need for you to have to face a criminal prosecution alone. With the help of an experienced Tulsa criminal attorney at your side, you can rest assured that every possible step that can be taken towards your desired outcome WILL be taken. There is no need for you to attempt to navigate your way through the language of the law by yourself.